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The Makela cabinet, backlit with LED, is a highly functional, innovative solution for your bathroom. Its novel construction allows you to not only store cosmetics inside of it, but also additionally illuminate the room and your face every day.
The Polish company RUKE has been well-known throughout Europe for more than 30 years for its ground-breaking applications in the field of mirrors and LED lighting. The presented cabinet is crafted with utmost attention to detail. Depending on the selected option, it can be made using:
- high-quality wood-based Kronospan panels
- varnished and waterproof MDF
- premium natural veneer
Thanks to the door structure (specially designed by RUKE and submitted to the Patent Office), the cabinet can be adapted to the needs of every customer by adding a number of highly practical accessories. No other company in Europe offers so many innovative solutions built directly into the door or the cabinet frame. The particularly noteworthy aspect is the intense yet aesthetic lighting, visible on both sides of the door. This solution guarantees strong and even dispersal of light all over the surface. The Makela model features a top-quality, clear mirror with high sheen, which makes it easy to apply perfect makeup. More demanding customers can also choose to install the highest-quality Miralite Natura mirror, patented by Saint Gobain.
The RUKE mirror cabinet collection features models with different lighting designs and sizes. 
You can also choose the colour of the cabinet to match your interior design. The Makela bathroom cabinet with a mirror by RUKE is a practical and elegant piece of furniture, which looks great in every bathroom. The reflective front replaces a traditional mirror, thanks to which the space above the sink is adequately used and you can keep your cosmetics within reach. The door closes quietly and gently due to the modern BLUM hinges. Choose the Makela mirror cabinet — a perfect addition to your bathroom, which will save space and create comfortable conditions for facial care and makeup application.
Modern bathroom cabinets with an LED mirror
A mirror cabinet with LED illumination is a highly practical element of bathroom fittings. It combines the functionality of a piece of furniture and a mirror, providing a place to store cosmetics and other trinkets, as well as allowing for daily beauty routine. The reflective front substitutes a traditional mirror, thanks to which the space above the sink is well-used. Modern, energy-saving LED illumination is a feature which will add more light to the bathroom, resulting in a cosy atmosphere. The high quality and aesthetic appearance of the RUKE mirror cabinet will help you create an original design. 
Functional mirror cabinets with LED illumination
Mirror cabinets with LED illumination from the RUKE collection are made of high-quality Belgian panels, characterised by unique clarity and sheen. The frame is built from HDF panels, made of wood fibres of exceptionally high density and hardness. Mirror cabinets feature BLUM hinges with quiet and gentle closing function. Models from the RUKE collection are available in many colours and designs, making it possible to choose the perfect design for a given interior. It is also possible to install an additional mirror on the back wall inside the cabinet to improve its aesthetic qualities.
A mirror cabinet for your bathroom
If you are looking for a custom-made bathroom cabinet with a mirror, the RUKE collection offers a perfect solution to suit your needs. You can order the ideal cabinet to match your bathroom design. We offer models with different frame colours and lighting arrangements. We also create custom-made mirror cabinets. Pick a convenient solution to clean up space in the bathroom and apply the perfect makeup. Mirror cabinets from the RUKE collection offer a practical, very elegant solution for people who look for modern and original furniture.
A set contains:
• a mirror cabinet,
• product assembly and maintenance manual.

Each mirror can be equipped with a number of items:
This magnifying mirror will enable the perfect shaving or make-up application, the glass shelf will help you keep the place orderly and tidy, and the Bluetooth module will make your bathroom time truly enjoyable.

Interesting and innovative mirror accessories are a fantastic and simple way to upgrade the functionalities and the ease of use of the mirror you’ve been dreaming of.

Traditional switch:
The rocker switch which features the simplicity of use and 100% reliability.

Installed at the back of the mirror, near to its edge, the switch remains invisible from the main panel, which showcases the minimalist and state-of-the-art product design.

The infrared hand motion switch will respond to hand moves at a distance of 3-7 centimetres. It may be placed anywhere on the mirror side, on its back. Thanks to its tiny size and its location, the switch will remain invisible from the panel side.

The touchless handling makes the switch very practical. You can activate the LED lighting even with wet hands. In order for the motion sensor to work smoothly, you should keep the distance of at least 10 centimetres between the switch and any fixed object, such as the bathroom tap or the closet. Due to its specificity, the hand motion switch cannot be installed in mirror models with the LED circuit.

The small magnifying mirror is one of the most practical bathroom equipment items. The mirror is provided with the optimum magnifying power of 3 or 5 times, and the diameter of 14 cm, with optional LED lighting*. Smoothly built-in, it evenly merges into the mirror panel.

The small mirror may be installed in any spot selected by the user, considering the minimum required distances from the main mirror edges and other components, such as the LED lighting or the clock. The minimum distance for the small magnifying mirror without the lighting is 7 cm, and for the magnifying mirror with the lighting - 12 cm. The small mirror lighting will be activated when the main mirror lighting is switched on.

*The mirror diameter, together with the LED lighting is 17.5 cm; the lighting width - 1.2 cm.

RGB – a colourful alternative
Apart from standard LED lighting shades, we have a special offer for colour lovers. For them, the RGB function will be the most practical solution.

The RGB stands for the first letters of the three colour names in English: R for red, G for green and B for blue.

The mixture of these colors will yield up to 19 colours in the LED band. The set includes a remote to steer lighting settings. You can select the colour shade, choose among several dynamic functions and determine the lighting brightness on a 5-degree scale.

With the touch switch you can switch on the LED lighting just with one finger. The switch has a fine-tuned size of 1.5 centimetres, features the fine design and can be placed at the back of the mirror panel. It is installed in the watertight casing, at the back of the mirror, in a previously sandblasted spot.

The touch switch has been equipped with the special LED lighting and can be easily found without activating any additional source of light. The lighting colour shade will change depending on the activity mode: it will be blue in the operating mode, and will change into green in the stand-by mode.

The lighting handled with the touch switch will switch off automatically after 30 minutes. So, this option is highly recommended for mirrors mounted in hotel or guest rooms. Mirrors equipped with a heating mat will require an additional handling switch.

The innovative Audio+ Bluetooth system developed by Ruke will turn your mirror into a high quality speaker. In contrast to standard solutions, the sound comes from the entire surface of the glass. As a result, deep bass and surround sound effect are obtained. From now on the mirror can be your entertainment centre.

The set includes:

  • mirror cabinet 
  • maintenance instructions.

Technical data:

12V LED 2835 60 item/LM
IP Code:
IP44 certified
Lighting colour shade:
2835k ~3000k Warm / ~4000k Natural / ~6000k Cold
Mirror panel thickness:
2 x 4mm
Power supply:
IP67 - 12V, integrated, hidden behind the mirror panel
Components certificates:
Cabinet depth:
from 1500mm to 2500mm (depending on the model and accessories)
Edge finishing:
trapezoid-shape cut and polish
Manufacturer’s warranty:
2 years




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