Alu-Frame LED mirrors are characterised by stylish minimalism. Modern technologies have been enclosed in an elegant aluminium frame. Choose an original design that adds character to the interior

Mirrors within the framework of the ultra-modern edition

The Alu-Frame Led collection includes models with avant-garde design and impressive Led lighting. The use of aluminium frames makes these mirrors look very elegant. They are ideal for lofty, minimalist interiors. Aluminium is a material characterized by a noble appearance, high durability, lightness and resistance to moisture. For this reason, Alu-Frame Led mirrors can also be successfully used in bathrooms.

A combination of sophisticated style and functionality

The modern style of the Alu-Frame Led collection is expressed by the raw lines of the frames and lighting patterns. This sophisticated style makes the mirrors in this series expressive and blend in perfectly with almost all colours of the arrangement. Led lighting enhances the aesthetics of the mirrors by increasing their functionality. Each of the models can be customized by adding additional accessories such as Bluetooth speakers, Led clock, induction charger or heating mat. There is also a possibility to choose the type of mirror surface or light colour. The use of a safe foil will allow you to protect the surface additionally, and thanks to the Nano technology the mirror will be protected against dirt and moisture.


High-end mirrors

The RUKE Alu-Frame Collection mirrors are made of the top-quality Belgian glass with a high degree of transparency and gloss. They are created on the basis of strict quality standards, with the attention to every detail of the workmanship. The Polish production with the use of Italian machines guarantees the receipt of excellent products, which delight with their quality. The Alu-Frame RUKE line is a proposal for the lovers of sophisticated aesthetics.