Battery-powered LED mirrors guarantee quick and easy installation wherever you want. Choose comfort and functionality in an extremely elegant form. Choose the model that suits your needs

Stylish battery operated LED mirrors

The collection of stylish battery-operated Led mirrors is a response to the needs of customers who expect a simple and quick installation of the mirror in any chosen place. Thanks to the use of battery power supply, the mirror installation is extremely easy, even if we do not have access to electrical connections. The use of such a solution makes it possible to hang a modern mirror with an effective Led lighting wherever we want, without forging walls or seeking access to power.

Comfort and functionality in an elegant form

The Led mirrors are battery-powered and feature a sophisticated style that reflects the latest trends. The modern design is expressed in classic shapes with subtle lighting elements. The Led mirrors from this line look great in the modern bathrooms in a minimalist style. The use of high quality Belgian panes and the efficient Led strips guarantees optimal lighting. Led RUKE mirrors available in this option can be powered by standard batteries or rechargeable batteries, which will allow you to take better care of the environment. Thanks to the personalization option, all models can be adapted to individual needs by selecting various accessories - a magnifying mirror, a glass shelf or a safe film. There is also a possibility to choose the type of mirror surface, light colour, and even the technology.

LED battery powered mirrors for your bathroom

The RUKE Led battery powered mirrors can be installed in the bathrooms with no need to connect them to the electrical system. The mirror panels have been protected with the Teflon coating protecting them against adverse conditions in the bathroom. The meticulous finish and the Polish production guarantee that you will receive the excellent products that will delight with their appearance. Elegant, functional, and very comfortable to use - the collection of Led battery powered mirrors are models tailored to the needs.