Alu-frame mirrors are delightful models with a minimalist design. The result of the combination of aluminum and mirror pane is extremely elegant compositions that look great in modern interiors.

Elegance closed in a stylish framework

The AluFrame collection are the mirrors in a minimalist and elegant style. A universal, aluminum form features the modern technologies. The result of this combination is a stunning line of exclusive mirrors that will be a perfect complement to the austere style interiors. The aluminum is a material that not only has high durability, lightness and resistance to moisture, but also a noble appearance.

A decor for sophisticated interiors

The AluFrame mirror models are available in several frame colours. The possibility of choosing between black, silver and champagne colours allows you to perfectly match the mirror to the style of your home interior. Each of the models can be equipped with the modern accessories that increase its functionality. The personalized mirrors from the AluFrame collection are a combination of excellent design and innovative technologies that will bring everyday life to a whole new dimension.

A proposal for fans of sublime aesthetics

The mirrors from the AluFrame collection are created with an attention to every detail of the workmanship. The top-quality materials and the original design create compositions that are targeted at demanding customers seeking the unconventional aesthetics.