Hollywoood full size mirrors are a wonderful decoration for any interior, designed for fans of makeup and stylish accessories. Thanks to the neutral lighting, the make-up is perfect. Choose an effective design.

Hollywood floor-standing mirrors

The full size Hollywood mirrors collection is a beautiful decoration of every interior dedicated to all lovers of make-up. Thanks to their size and construction, they can be easily used and positioned anywhere without the need for disassembly and reassembly. The stunningly large Hollywood mirrors have the optimally positioned bulbs that generate neutral light, making your face look like it is in daylight. This ensures perfect make-up. The full-size RUKE Hollywood makeup mirrors can be successfully fitted into your makeup room. They will also look great in the bedroom, wardrobe and living room.

Exceptional decoration in Hollywood style

The Hollywood style mirrors can be customized by choosing from a variety of accessories. Each of the mirrors in this series can be equipped with Bluetooth speakers and a special foil to protect the surface in case of breakage. It is also possible to use a convenient switch and install a cable with a plug for convenient connection. The Full Size Hollywood RUKE mirrors are manufactured in Poland from the highest quality Belgian glass, with the attention to every detail.

Beautiful Hollywood-inspired models

The series of standing Hollywood mirrors by RUKE will delight all those who love original decorations. Models from this line are perfect for modern interiors. They will suit the taste of make-up and stylish design enthusiasts. These unique, exceptionally decorative models fit into the interiors of houses, but can also be used as a beautiful equipment in the beauty salons. RUKE Hollywood standing mirrors are very fashionable items created for the needs of admirers of perfect visage.