Ambiente LED are mirrors with relaxing, diffuse lighting that give the interior a unique style. Choose avant-garde mirrors with unusual shapes and effective lighting

Ambient Led

The Ambiente LED is a collection of avant-garde mirrors with characteristic, diffused lighting that gives the interiors an intimate atmosphere. The ambient lighting guarantees a relaxed atmosphere. It also gives the interior a unique style. The collection includes models with one, two and all edges of the panel illuminated. The available options include rectangular, oval and circular mirrors, as well as very interesting looking panels with irregular shapes and extremely fashionable hexagons. The impressive proposals from the Ambiente LED collection are made of top-class Belgian panels characterized by high transparency. They can be equipped with a number of modern accessories, including a fogproof heating mat, Bluetooth speakers for listening to your favorite music or a LED clock with a weather station.

Elegant bespoke mirrors with ambient lighting

The Ambiente LED RUKE mirror panels can be given bevelled edges to make them look even more elegant. The option of installing a magnifying mirror will ensure perfect make-up, while the built-in induction charger will allow you to charge your phone while using the mirror every day. Selected Ambiente LED mirror models can also be equipped with a 10" LDC TV that allows you to watch live HD TV channels.

Modern bathroom mirrors cut to size

The mirrors with ambient lighting from the RUKE collection are made to measure, so that it is possible to order a model that fits perfectly into your interior. The personalisation option makes it possible to design your dream mirror on your own, which will be not only beautiful but also extremely functional. The mirrors created by RUKE brand for over 30 years have been appreciated by customers in Poland and abroad. The use of high quality materials, modern production processes and attention to every detail of workmanship are the advantages that make RUKE mirrors appreciated even by very demanding customers. The Ambiente LED collection has been created on the basis of the latest trends in design, it is characterized by an extraordinary style and extraordinary functionality.