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Elegant LED mirrors with doors

LED mirrors with doors are an elegant and functional addition to bathrooms. Thanks to the unique structure consisting of three interconnected panes, the mirror can be used flat or unfolded. As a result, the hinged panels provide a comfortable view also from the side. The option of selecting hinges with different angle of inclination allows you to choose the perfect model for your needs. Folding mirrors are made of Belgian mirror panes characterized by high transparency and gloss. The use of strong LED stripes under the sandblasted areas allowed for diffused light and optimal lighting of the mirror and the person standing in front of it. All models from the collection of LED mirrors with RUKE doors are made of the highest quality materials and with attention to every detail.

RUKE LED mirrors

They are made to order and equipped with many functional accessories, including an LED clock, a safety foil and a heating mat, thanks to which the reflection will be transparent even in a steamy bathroom. LED mirrors with doors can also be equipped with Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to listen to your favorite music in the bathroom. There is also an option to configure elements such as lighting, type of pane or light color. You can add a magnifying mirror on the main pane, which will make it easier to make perfect makeup. Personalization allows you to create a mirror that is perfect for your needs. Just specify the dimensions and choose the right accessories. Opening mirrors will prove themselves especially in small bathrooms, where effective space management is essential. Elegant models from this collection will add style to any interior.

Mirrors with doors for bathrooms

The RUKE collection of LED mirrors with doors is a proposal for fans of sophisticated and functional solutions. The use of high-quality materials, practical accessories and innovative technological solutions has resulted in the creation of a unique collection of mirrors. The possibility of individual adjustment of sizes and accessories makes the models in this series a tailor-made product, thanks to which applying makeup and other care treatments will be extremely comfortable. The RUKE company has over 30 years of experience in the production of innovative mirrors that delight with elegance and functionality. The products of this brand are made of the highest quality materials and with special precision, using modern Italian machines. Personalized products from the collection of RUKE mirrors with doors are a response to the sophisticated needs of customers.