Hollywood hanging mirrors are models with an effective design that can be used as an addition to a dressing table or as an element of a beauty salon decor. You can create perfect makeup thanks to neutral lighting.

Hollywood-style make-up mirrors

The collection of Hollywood hanging mirrors is a beautifully made range dedicated to the professionals and all lovers of make-up. Stylish mirrors from this collection are equipped with neutral lighting, which makes the face look like in the daylight. The make-up will be perfect. The professional RUKE Hollywood makeup mirrors will be a delightful element of your home bathroom and a complement to your beauty salon.

Hollywood-inspired makeup

Hollywood style hanging mirrors can be conveniently installed anywhere, both vertically and horizontally. With personalization options, you can create a model that fully meets your individual needs. Each of the mirrors in this series can be equipped with a protective film and Bluetooth speakers. You can also choose the type of surface and use a convenient switch. Hollywood mirrors are available in a wide range of sizes and patterns. They are manufactured in Poland from the highest quality Belgian panes, which guarantees receiving high quality products created with attention to every detail.

Hollywood hanging mirrors

The series of Hollywood hanging mirrors by RUKE is the answer to the latest trends in design. Models from this line will look great in modern interiors. They will surely delight all those who are passionate about the visage. They will also work well as equipment for beauty salons, allowing you to make the perfect make-up for any occasion. Hollywood RUKE hanging mirrors are the perfect choice to guarantee perfect conditions for make-up.