A wooden cabinet with an LED mirror is a stylish and practical element of bathroom equipment. It combines the functionality of a furniture and a mirror, and allows you to hide cosmetics and other small items. Choose a functional design.

Modern bathroom cabinets with an LED mirror

A mirror cabinet with LED illumination is a highly practical element of bathroom fittings. It combines the functionality of a piece of furniture and a mirror, providing a place to store cosmetics and other trinkets, as well as allowing for daily beauty routine. The reflective front substitutes a traditional mirror, thanks to which the space above the sink is well-used. Modern, energy-saving LED illumination is a feature which will add more light to the bathroom, resulting in a cosy atmosphere. The high quality and aesthetic appearance of the RUKE mirror cabinet will help you create an original design.

Functional mirror cabinets with LED illumination

Mirror cabinets with LED illumination from the RUKE collection are made of high-quality Belgian panels, characterised by unique clarity and sheen. The frame is built from HDF panels, made of wood fibres of exceptionally high density and hardness. Mirror cabinets feature BLUM hinges with quiet and gentle closing function. Models from the RUKE collection are available in many colours and designs, making it possible to choose the perfect design for a given interior. It is also possible to install an additional mirror on the back wall inside the cabinet to improve its aesthetic qualities.


A mirror cabinet for your bathroom

If you are looking for a custom-made bathroom cabinet with a mirror, the RUKE collection offers a perfect solution to suit your needs. You can order the ideal cabinet to match your bathroom design. We offer models with different frame colours and lighting arrangements. We also create custom-made mirror cabinets. Pick a convenient solution to clean up space in the bathroom and apply the perfect makeup. Mirror cabinets from the RUKE collection offer a practical, very elegant solution for people who look for modern and original furniture.