3D LED mirrors are a modern design approach with a three-dimensional effect. Models in this line consist of a combination of a Venetian mirror with a classic surface. Get a 3D effect in your bathroom.

Modern mirror for your bathroom

3D mirrors collection has been designed as a result of combining a two-way mirror with a silver mirror. LED lights placed between the two create an illusion of illuminated depth and infinite space.

Mirrors with POWER LED system

3D effect found in the 3D mirrors collection visually enlarges the room and gives it an extraordinary touch. The light pattern can come in the shape of a rectangle, circle, ellipse or diamond. Despite their intriguing look, mirrors from this collection are elegant and subtle.

With the light turned off, a 3D mirror can be used as a normal mirror as its surface is only slightly darker than that of a silver one.

Order made to measure mirror

All mirror models come in several standard sizes which are the most popular ones among our customers. If you are unable to find just the right size for yourself, we will be glad to make a made to measure mirror matching your specifications and needs.