Modern LED mirrors are characterised by modern design and elegance. Choose a modern mirror with LED lighting for your bathroom. Add character to the interior

Modern mirror for your bathroom

LED mirrors are a great combination of functionality and eye-catching design. They are perfect complement of modern bathrooms, but also of other interiors – be they minimalistic, traditional or elegant.

Mirrors with POWER LED system

LED mirrors are made in the process of sandblasting their surfaces in order to achieve frosted areas through which light will illuminate. Thanks to the use of the strongest LEDs available on the market and innovative construction, our LED mirrors give out 100% more light than other LED illuminated mirrors. The light of the mirrors we offer does not blind, but is perfect for applying make-up or shaving.

Order made to measure mirror

All mirror models come in several standard sizes which are the most popular ones among our customers. If you are unable to find just the right size for yourself, we will be glad to make a made to measure mirror matching your specifications and needs.