Wood Line LED mirrors are a modern look in a classic design. The combination of functional LED mirrors and decorative frames has led to the creation of sophisticated designs. Bet on avant-garde design.

LED mirrors as part of the Wood Line LED collection.

The Wood Line LED collection is a modern take on classic design. The combination of functional mirrors with LED backlight and timeless, decorative frames has resulted in the creation of extremely sophisticated designs that look great in the hall, living room, bedroom and wardrobe. Wood Line LED mirrors are also suitable for beauty salons or hairdressing salons as well as for all elegant interiors in both traditional and modern styles. Thanks to their protection against moisture, Wood Line LED models will also work well in the bathroom. Effective LED backlight enables comfortable makeup and daily care treatments. The use of an innovative structure allows you to focus the maximum amount of light in the sanded areas. The use of such a solution ensures that the backlight does not dazzle. Wood Line LED mirrors are available in various lighting systems.

Illuminated mirrors in decorative frames.

Energy-saving Wood Line LED mirrors can be equipped with a number of practical accessories increasing everyday comfort of use. Thanks to the Bluetooth speaker and a special application for the phone, you can play your favourite music. The LED clock will allow you to conveniently monitor the time, and the weather station will help you decide on the outfit for a given day. The mirrors can also be equipped with an inductive charger that allows you to charge various devices. Models from the Wood Line LED collection can also get a heating mat to prevent fogging and a magnifying mirror that facilitates precise makeup application. All mirrors from the Wood Line LED RUKE collection are made of the highest quality Belgian panes characterized by high transparency and gloss. They are produced in Poland with the use of high-class Italian equipment, which ensures reliability and remarkable precision of workmanship.


Mirrors with LED lighting in wooden frames.

The elegant Wood Line LED mirrors are available in a wide range of wooden frames. Decorative gold and silver frames will work well in glamor-style interiors. Mirrors in white frames will look great in Scandinavian-style interiors, and models in avant-garde, colourful frames will add character to minimalist arrangements. All frames are made of high quality materials, which guarantees long use. For over 30 years, the RUKE brand has specialized in creating innovative mirrors that delight with their design and quality of workmanship. RUKE collections of mirrors are appreciated by demanding customers both in Poland and abroad. Wood Line LED are mirrors that give the interior a character.