SLOPING CEILING mirrors are the perfect solution for sloping bathrooms. Order a mirror made to measure and create your dream bathroom. Choose modern and elegant mirrors with LED lighting.

Elegant LED mirrors for bathrooms in the attic.

Modern LED mirrors cut to the dimensions of the sloping wall in the bathroom are a solution that allows for an effective arrangement of difficult spaces in the attic. The possibility of configuration every 0.5 cm of the height of the sides and the width of the lower and upper edges allows you to create an LED mirror for a specific size. As a result, the attic bathroom will gain an elegant, consistent look. The large size of the mirror with LEDs will visually enlarge the space, giving the interior lightness. The made-to-measure model can be placed over the entire surface of the wall, creating a harmonious style. The use of strong LED lighting under sandblasted, milky areas allows for diffused light that will work well during everyday treatments. The slant mirrors from the RUKE collection are made to individual order, with attention to every detail of workmanship.

Customized LED mirrors for modern sloped bathrooms.

Sloped bathrooms are spaces that require unique arrangement solutions. Thanks to the option of ordering an LED mirror with a slant to size, creating your dream interior is no longer a problem. Just choose the left and right height and the upper and lower width to perfectly match the selected model to your needs. The LED slanted mirrors in the RUKE collection can be equipped with many practical accessories, including an LED clock and weather station, Bluetooth speakers and an induction charger. Each of the custom-made LED mirrors can also be protected with a safety foil and equipped with a heating mat that ensures transparent reflection without fogging up. RUKE personalized LED mirrors combine excellent design and innovative technologies, creating elegant compositions that add style to any interior.


Mirrors with LED illumination for attic bathrooms with slants.

RUKE slanted mirrors are made of high-quality Belgian panes, which are distinguished by their extraordinary transparency and gloss. The use of modern LED lighting and an innovative design has resulted in the creation of models with optimal lighting, ideally suited for making make-up and other beauty treatments. The RUKE company has over 30 years of experience in the production of innovative mirrors that delight with elegance and functionality. The brand's products are made of the highest quality materials and with particular precision. Personalized products from the RUKE slant mirror collection are a response to the sophisticated needs of customers.