With bespoke mirrors you can create your dream interior. Order a mirror made to measure for the bathroom, living room or hallway. Choose individual, unconventional solutions.

Bespoke mirrors

A custom-made mirror, which is optimally adapted to the interior, can be not only a functional accessory, but also a perfect decoration of the bathroom, wardrobe, hallway or even living room or bedroom. The custom-made mirrors in our shop are models that can be cut to size. Among the available options are LED mirrors for the attic, polished mirrors, bevelled mirrors to size and very modern mirrors with rounded corners. LED mirrors for the attic are a great solution for arranging difficult spaces with the sloping ceiling. They can be configured to a specific dimension, which will allow the panels to fit into any wall. The attic mirrors are equipped with very effective and energy-saving LED lighting providing optimal conditions for make-up and daily care.

Elegant bathroom mirrors to size

The polished and bevelled mirrors can be glued onto the bathroom tiles as a panel itself. The use of such a solution allows to create a stylistically coherent arrangement. The custom made models can also be equipped with many modern and functional accessories, including a heating mat, Bluetooth speakers, an LED clock and a USB socket. Thanks to this, the mirror becomes extremely functional and does not fog up while bathing, allows you to listen to your favorite music and charge devices equipped with a USB port. The installed safety foil ensures that the mirror will not fall apart if broken. Thanks to a magnifying mirror you can apply precise make-up and Ambiente backlighting gives the interior sophisticated character.

Stylish mirrors made to order

All the custom-made mirrors in our collection are made from the highest quality Belgian panels with exceptional transparency. They are created with the use of modern technologies and based on modern trends. The LED mirrors in the attic allow to manage difficult to arrange slants, polished and chamfered models will work well in any interior giving it a refined look. The bespoke mirrors with rounded corners reflect the latest trends giving the interior character. For more than 30 years, RUKE has been creating innovative and extremely elegant mirrors, which have been appreciated by our domestic and foreign customers. Each mirror of the RUKE collection will be a stylish and functional addition to any interior.