Mirrors with a classic design fit perfectly into minimalist interiors. Due to the timeless design, they are also perfect for traditional arrangements. Choose elegant and universal classic mirrors.

Classical mirrors

The mirrors with a classic design never go out of fashion, especially if they are elegant and have been made with exceptional attention to detail. The RUKE Classic Mirrors Collection includes models based on the latest trends but distinguished by a classic, timeless design. They are equipped with modern accessories which make them not only beautiful but also very functional. The option of personalization gives the possibility to create a model that fully meets individual needs.

Elegant Classic Mirror Collection

Among the mirrors in the classic style there are LED mirrors for the attic, which allow for the arrangement of difficult spaces such as bathrooms with a sloping ceiling. The LED mirrors for the attic bathrooms can be cut to the specific dimensions of the slanted wall, so that the panel takes up any surface available and the bathroom has a very elegant, consistent look. The use of efficient LED lighting underneath the sandblasted areas allows the effect of diffused light to be obtained. The sanded-to-size mirrors have a very fine edge finish, making them a suitable choice for any interior. The bevelled mirrors are finished with a decorative cut that adds sophistication. The mirrors with rounded corners fit into the latest trends giving the interior an avant-garde character.

Stylish classic mirrors for the bathroom, living room and hallway

The Classic RUKE collection also includes Simple Design mirrors with a minimalist, exceptionally original design. The oval models or extremely fashionable hexagons give the interiors an unprecedented character. They are a perfect match for modern pop-art interiors. Standard mirrors presented in the Classic category are designs dedicated to customers who appreciate traditional bathroom mirror patterns. Thanks to the mounted wall lights, the mirrors present themselves beautifully and effectively light up the bathroom. All the mirrors in the Classic collection are made of the highest quality Belgian panes, characterized by exceptional transparency. They can be supplemented with a number of modern, functional accessories. The option of ordering a mirror to size makes all models fully customizable to individual needs. RUKE has been producing innovative and functional mirrors with exceptional elegance for over 30 years. The personalised products of this brand delight customers at home and abroad.