Useful advice

How to choose a perfect mirror?


If we want our mirror to be in harmony with a room where it is going to be placed, it is important to keep adequate proportions. Such a mirror can neither dominate the space nor be overwhelmed by other objects.


Unlimited space

Open and large space is just what we need to let our imagination run free. We can and we should go crazy with the size.

A small mirror will get lost in a large space, but a big one will be its great complement. The bigger the mirror, the more comfortable it is to use. If you are lucky to have a spacious bathroom, then you should not restrict yourself to the mirror size.


Small interior – big challenge

What to do if your voice does not echo in your flat and every object steals precious space? Small interiors set boundaries and demand careful selection of furniture. Interior designers like to install mirrors on walls, ceilings, wardrobes and doors – basically anywhere where they can squeeze them. Mirrors optically enlarge a room. They reflect objects and light creating a beautiful depth effect and making everything brighter.

Cramped spaces require small or middle-sized mirrors – vertical if we want to make a room look higher or horizontal to make it appear wider and bigger.

A perfect solution for tiny rooms is to choose a mirror that is as functional as possible, Accessories like glass shelves, light fittings, shaver socket or Bluetooth speakers will allow us to better organise everything and use available space to the full.


Square or circle?

The majority of mirrors is manufactured in regular rectangular or circular shapes. They are universal and uncomplicated, but it is important to note that a mirror should match the main design of a room.

Rectangles and squares will work fine with furniture and angular objects – they will bring harmony into the room.

Round and oval mirrors will complement similarly shaped furniture, introducing comfortable and atmospheric touch.

A mirror with both straight and rounded edges will make for an ideal counterpart for the above propositions. Eclectic form of such mirrors is a bridge between geometric hardness and softness of curves.


Made to measure

Sometimes an interior needs a mirror in a specific shape and size. Especially problematic seem to be skew ceilings and recesses which make it difficult to install a standard mirror.

Luckily, cutting technology makes it possible to manufacture mirrors in different shapes and matching them with demanding spaces. In that way we can achieve a really original effect.

If you are looking for a mirror in a specific shape, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to prepare a satisfactory solution.


Type of lighting


Lamp or LED? In this situation we have to choose between tradition and modernity as well as atmosphere which we would like to create in our interior with the means of light.

Intimate lamp

Lamps are a part of lots of our houses as they are a great alternative or complement to the main lighting. Lamps added to mirrors provide direct light or can be regulated to give out light at a desired angle.

There are various kinds of lamps with different styles: from simple and modern forms to more sophisticated. Mirrors with lamps are a perfect solution not only for bathrooms. They will also add a bit of stylish touch to halls, corridors, living rooms or guest rooms.

A lamp emits the light in a specific way. An interior seems more atmospheric and intimate. To strengthen this effect, we recommend to use 40W warm white light bulbs.

A notable advantage of a mirror with lamps is that we can easily change a burnt out bulb.


Energy-efficient LEDs

LED lighting is becoming more and more popular due to its energy- and cost-efficiency.It is durable and gives out bright and even light.

We use less energy, but have more light.

In our website you can find a broad offer of LED mirrors with different light patterns.

LED lighting can be placed at the sides, top and bottom or cover the whole perimeter of a mirror. Every of these basic patterns will give out light coming from a different angle, depending on what we want to achieve. The bigger the light pattern, the more light the mirror emits.

You can also choose a mirror with purely decorative light. SHINE LED model has ambient lighting and 3D mirrors create a mesmerising depth effect. Light in these models is not very functional (it will not illuminate our face) - it plays more of an aesthetic role. A mirror with this type of light helps to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Some mirror models can be supplied with an additional backlit light. Such a mirror will be functional, but will also allow to create a cosy atmosphere.


The importance of light colour


The amount of light that is given out by LEDs depends on colour temperature expressed in Kelvins (K).

We can distinguish three basic light colours:

Warm white light colour – 2800-3200K

Neutral (natural) white light colour – 4000-4500K

Cool white light colour – 5600-6500K

What are the advantages of the different light colours?


Calm and relaxing – warm white light

As the very name suggests, warm white LEDs give out comfortable, a bit yellowish light.. While looking at yourself in the mirror with warm white light, the skin on your face will appear as soft and smooth. You will look attractive.

Warm white light is relaxing and soothing.

If you want to create an intimate and mellow atmosphere, this light colour is a perfect choice.

Warm white light colour is especially recommended for bathrooms, living rooms or bedrooms. It is also a good idea to introduce a bit of this colour to kitchen or dining room.


A golden mean – neutral white colour

Neutral white light is a bridge between weaker, but very comfortable warm white and bright and clear cool white light. It is comparatevily strong light colour in which we still look attractive, but our facial features are slightly sharper. Neutral white is not blinding for eyes and the most resembling of daily light. It introduces energy into a room, but at the same time keeps the friendly atmosphere of warm white light.

Warm white light colour will be perfect for offices as it strengthens concentration and restores focus. It is also a great choice for bathrooms where we want to keep balance between relaxation and adding a bit of cheerfulness to often cramped space of this room.

Energising interior – cool white light colour

Cool colours have many supporters as they make interiors look very modern. Cool white accentuates space, making it appear fresh and clear.

It is the strongest white colour which brings out details. Because of this feature, mirrors with cool white light colour are a solid choice for beauty rooms, changing rooms and bathrooms – where bright light is a must. Cool white is ideal for applying make-up or shaving. It gets you energised and keeps you that way.


RGB – colourful alternative

This light option allows you to choose between 19 different colours, 19 dynamic modes and 5 brightness levels. You can make your choices with a special remote controler.

RGB LEDs look amazing in 3D mirrors. It would be also a fine option for children’s rooms or contemporary interiors and designs based on colour.

RGB light colour does not include warm, neutral or cool white light.


Mirror finish


Shapes full of charm

Simple and smooth edges underline beauty and fine structure of a mirror.

We can achieve that by either polishing or bevelling.

These processes have the following advantages: practicality – we avoid getting injured by sharp mirror edges and we can clean its surface faster aesthetic – mirror finish influences the final design of a room


Modern polished edge

Polished edge is dedicated for fans of modern design.

Its main advantage is its subtle form achieved by minimal cut and shiny polish.

Polished edge is not intrusive. It will not dominate a mirror, but will expose its simple, geometric shape.

Thanks to that, simple and clear aesthetic is achieved which is important for minimalistic arrangements.


Crystal bevelled edge

Bevelling is a type of polishing which involves slanting mirror edges at an angle. Bevelled edge can be from 5 to 30mm wide, but 10mm is used as standard. Bevelled edges refract light at a different angle than the mirror surface which results in a crystal-like form of the mirror.

Bevelling is used to increase aesthetic look of a mirror.

Bevelled edges are especially recommended for classic and rich arrangements, but also for eclectic interiors. This mirror finish in combination with LED lighting creates sophisticated light impressions and its use in framed mirrors makes for a subtle transition between mirror surface and a wooden frame.





How to hang a mirror?

Mirror model influences place and way of its installation. Classic mirrors without light fittings (without electrical parts to which an access must be granted) can be installed in two ways:

- hung on the hanging brackets attached to the mirror backside; two holes have to be drilled in the wall in which we put wall plugs with hooks. Then the mirror is gently put on the hooks so the hanging brackets get placed on them.

- with the use of a special adhesive which is applied directly on the spot where we wish to install a mirror. In this way mirrors can be installed almost on any surface like walls, tiles, furniture and doors.

Mirrors with light fittings and LED illuminated mirrors have to be hung with the use of hooks and framed mirrors can be either hung or glued. As for the latter option, we have to bear in mind that an adhesive has be applied on the frame and not on the mirror backside.

In order to install a mirror by the means of hanging brackets, it is necessary to drill at least two holes in the wall. If you want to hang a mirror on tiles, then it is advisable to drill holes in the grout lines. In the holes we place wall plugs and in them hooks. There are hanging brackets attached to the mirror backside which have to be put on the hooks. While hanging a mirror, one has to be very cautious not to scratch Teflon layer on the mirror backside. Any damage to this protective coat can lead to corrosion.

Be careful! While installing an LED mirror it is of utmost importance to check if the mirror has been properly hung by the hanging brackets and not white trunking profiles. The trunking profiles cover the electrics and are not meant to withstand the weight of a mirror.

Classic mirrors with light fitting and LED illuminated mirrors require direct connection to the 230V mains, independently of the fact if they have any switches or not.

The power cable along with the transformer is placed on the mirror backside, in the middle, about 10-20cm from its top edge. The cable itself is about 15cm long.


Place of installation

When choosing a mirror for bathroom it is important to decide on a model that provides suffice amount of light, as these specific spaces more than often do not have access to daily light. Mirrors with light fittings or LED illuminated mirrors guarantee that our face will be evenly illuminated.

In halls or corridors light may not be that important, so here the design will play a greater role. Framed mirrors will be perfect complement of these rooms.

An interesting solution for bedrooms is a backlit LED mirror in warm white colour. Such a mirror will introduce a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

All the mirrors in our offer are compliant with IP44 standard.


Additional accessories


A magnifying mirror make applying make-up or shaving go smoother than ever. A glass shelf will come in handy while keeping your bathroom necessities close. The mirror Bluetooth speakers will connect with your mobile device and allow you to listen to music or internet radio. Our exciting and innovative additional accessories will make your mirror a unique item – fancy, even more comfortable and extremely functional.



A wide range of switches may at first seem confusing. Which one to choose? Mechanical or electronic, the sensor switch or touch switch. The variety of available switches is there to meet all our customers’ needs.

Rocker switch: simple and reliable. It is all you need to get the job done. It is fitted behind the bottom edge of the mirror to make it easily accessible. It works fine with a demister pad if you one to include one in your mirror. It cannot be installed in the mirrors with perimeter lighting (AURORA LED, RING LED, SHINE LED, WINDOW LED, VITRUM LED).



Touch switch: mirror light can be turned on/off with a gentle finger touch. It is installed under a watertight mirror profile and is glued against the mirror surface from behind. Its diameter is 15mm. Its inner LED light makes it easy to find it even in a dark room. Touch switch emits blue light when on and green in standby. Perfect choice for hotel bathroom and guest rooms.

IMPORTANT! The touch switch turns the mirror light off automatically after about 30 minutes. If the touch switch operates also other accessories such as demister pad or Bluetooth speakers, they will be turned on/off with the mirror lights.


Sensor switch: an infrared sensor which activates mirror light from the distance of 3-7cm. It is placed in a watertight mirror profile and mounted behind the bottom edge of a mirror hence being invisible from the front. Thanks to its touchless functionality, sensor switch is very hygienic and comfortable. Can be operated with wet hands.

IMPORTANT! Please note that sensor switch requires distance of at least 100mm between itself and any other obstacle like a tap, sink, shelf, tiles, etc. Otherwise, it may not work properly. The switch cannot be installed in the mirrors with perimeter lighting (AURORA LED, RING LED, SHINE LED, WINDOW LED, VITRUM LED).




Simple and functional accessory. Clock can be installed almost anywhere in the mirror surface. Its display measures 2x5cm. It comes in four colours: white, yellow, blue and red. The LED clock is turned on/off with the mirror light. A small built-in battery allows the clock to remember the settings, so we do not have to set the time whenever we turn it on. The clock does not change the time automatically from summer time to winter time. It has to be done manually.




One of the most practical accessories in the bathroom. It has x3 and x5 magnification and the diameter of 14cm. It can come with an additional LED lighting of its own and then its surface increases to 17.5cm. The magnifier can be installed almost anywhere in the mirror surface as long as it is in compliance with the minimal technical requirements:

- a magnifier without illumination cannot be closer to LED light and any other feature (e.g. LED clock) than 7cm.

- a magnifier with illumination cannot be closer to LED light and any other feature (e.g. LED clock) than 12cm.

The illumination of the magnifier is turned on/off with the mirror light.





A thin demister pad will come in handy in every bathroom. It is glued against the backside of a mirror and prevents it from fogging up. The size of the demister pad depends on the mirror size and other accessories included. We always do our best to fit your mirror with as big a demister pad as possible. It warms up the area of its own size and 10% more around it. The demister pad is turned on/off with the mirror light.

IMPORTANT! A demister pad cannot be installed in the LED mirrors:

with the perimeter lighting when the width of the mirror is less than 55cm the height less than 60cm;

- with lights at the top and sides when the height of the mirror is less than 60cm;

- with side lights when the width of the mirror is less than 55cm;

- with light at the top when the height of the mirror is less than 48cm.




Bluetooth set consisting of two stereo speakers and a module installed under watertight mirror profile. It allows every device with Bluetooth to connect with the speakers and play music through them. The speakers activate after turning on the mirror light.




Apart from standard PVC profile we also offer an aluminium profile which will make your mirror look even more fancy.



It allows to regulate the brightness of the mirror light. We do it by pressing our finger against a dimmer until we reach the desired effect. The maximum brightness is indicated by a double flash.



A glass shelf is attached to the mirror with special fixings. The shelf is made of 5mm glass and is slightly shorter than the mirror – 1cm from each end.



A gallery rail prevents your bathroom necessities to slip from the shelf. It cannot be installed in corner shelves.