10 reasons why shopping with us is the best idea

  • Secure packaging

    We pack our mirrors in a couple of layers of protective packaging, two resistant cardboard boxes, Styrofoam panels, plastic foil to protect the face of a mirror, robust corner protectors, thick foam covering the edges. Thanks to that all, our Customers can rest assured that the mirror they have ordered is delivered securely.

    Secure packaging
  • 99% of complaints dealth with in favour of a customer

    Our customers’ satisfaction is extremely important to us, this is why we value their feedback so much and accept vast majority of submitted complaints. We guarantee the highest quality of our mirrors and we would like our Customers to receive products exceeding their expectations.

    99% of complaints dealth with in favour of a customer
  • Free delivery

    We take an extra mile to make sure that what we have to offer meets all expectations of our Customers, so every now and then we decide to cover delivery cost for our Clients. All you pay for is your beautiful mirror.

    Free delivery
  • Two-Year Guarantee

    We vouch for our mirrors, that is why we give 2 year guarantee. In this period of time, our customers can be 100% certain that any problems with the products will be dealt with immediately and in a satisfactory manner.

    Three-Year Guarantee
  • IP44 rated products

    IP stands for „Index of Protection”. The index consists of two digits. The first one characterises solid particle protection and the second one liquid ingress protection. IP44 rating of our products guarantees protection against objects larger than 1mm and splashes of water from any direction. Our Customers can be sure that the mirrors we supply, can be used in Zone 2 and 3 in every bathroom.

    IP44 rated products
  • TÜV Nord Certified

    TÜV Nord is an independent international certification provider from Germany. Gaining a TÜV Nord certificate means many stages of product validation, creating detailed procedures of production and implementing the highest standards. We are proud to be awarded TÜV Nord certificate as it means the best quality illuminated mirrors for our Customers.

    TÜV Nord Certified
  • CE Market

    CE marking (Conformité Européenne) on our mirrors means that we are in compliance with the European Union “New Approach” directives and all European Union safety regulations. What our clients receive is a product in full conformity with EU law.

    Wide variety of products
    We do our best to make sure that our offer is attractive for even the most demanding Customer. Taking the most recent trends and our Clients expectations into account, we are working on extending our produce range.

    A completely unique product
    We know that our Customers sometimes need a product tailored to their unique expectations, that is why we offer a possibility to order a bespoke mirror. Adding many additional features that are on offer make them even more personalised.

    CE Market
  • Vast range of extra features

    Our mirrors can be complemented with many practical accessories, thanks to which their use becomes even more comfortable. A demister pad, a magnifying mirror or Bluetooth speakers are only a few examples of our surprisingly wide range of extra features.

    Vast range of extra features
  • Professional presale and after scale care

    Providing a professional service both before you purchase an illuminated mirror and afterwards is our constant concern. We assist in selecting a suitable model, extra features that increase the mirror’s usability and advise about the installation process. We ensure that the products we sell meet our Customers’ expectations. Each stage of our customer service is very important to us.

    Professional presale and after scale care