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The OVAL Bold mirror impresses with its original shape, thanks to which it will be an impressive decorative element of the living room, bedroom or hall. The mirror is placed in a thin frame, which can be made of double-oiled leafy plywood or waterproof MDF board painted with multicomponent varnish. The hanging brackets are mounted on the back. The mirror is made to order.
Available in the following frame colours: wooden - leafy plywood, MDF - copper, black, white, gold or silver.
Available sizes: 45x65, 50x70, 55x80, 60x90, 65x100, 70x110, 75x120cm.
The Scandinavian Life mirrors - the quintessence of Scandinavian style The Scandinavian Life line are the mirrors designed in Scandinavian style characterized by minimalism, simplicity and functionality. A strong connection with nature is expressed by the use of wooden decorative elements, which make the mirrors from this collection give the interiors a warm, cosy character. An elegant, modern design of the Scandinavian Life Collection is the answer to the contemporary design trends and  the customers' needs. The highest quality Belgian panes, distinguished by high transparency and gloss, beautiful frames and modern style - RUKE mirrors are a guarantee of an extraordinary aesthetic experience. The models from the Scandinavian Life line will give every interior an elegance. The clear colours of the frames will enliven the room, giving it harmony and style. The Scandinavian Life mirrors will also be a functional accessory - both in the living room or hallway and in the bathroom. A variety of designs for your home. The compositions of multi-coloured panels, different sizes and frame colours make it possible for everyone to find the perfect model for their needs. The Scandinavian line consists of the models designed for the youngest. Cottages and pets patterns will appeal to every child. The attention to the smallest detail of workmanship makes RUKE mirrors delight in quality.
All rights reserved. Mirror design and photos are protected by copyright. 
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All rights reserved. The mirror pattern and its pictures are protected by copyright. 
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