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Do you recall the childhood stories where the magic mirrors had a voice and showed you all you needed to know? The stories come true in front of our eyes. Without villains, but with innovation and creativity, the smart mirror will tell you more than “you’re the prettiest of them all”. The smart mirror will open up the gate to all the info you need in order to start the day in the best shape. 


Ideas for installing the mirror:
At home
At your business 


Smart Mirror:

  • Smarthome Controller
  • Multi-account
  • Health monitor
  • Face beauty
  • Video call
  • Media player & Streaming
  • News & Internet browsing
  • App Market
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Main features
  • Size: 40", 600×800×23mm
  • CPU: Quad-Core
  • OS: Android
  • Memory: 16GB + 2GB
  • Power supply: 12V / 1.5A (adapter) 
  • Display: 23.6"
  • Speaker: 2 x 3W

The mirror that opens up the world

The mirror turns on when it feels someone nearby, due to its sensors, and what seemed a regular mirror turns itself into a smart device. It will recognize your touches in 10 pressure points, connects to the internet through Wi-Fi and communicates with other gadgets through Bluetooth. It is water resistant and comes in two different size: 80/60 cm and 50/80 cm. 


The control panel of your smart home

Control the entire home through the smart mirror. The preinstalled Siebo Home app lets you view all that happened in your home while you were away, but also set up the sensors activity for a safer and more comfortable home. 


Discover the Smart Home interface

The mirror is equipped with a menu specially designed to grant easy access to all its options. A menu with an elegant and intuitive design, which you can customize, is at your disposal.

mirror smart

Health section

The dedicated widgets will display your weight and skin hydration history.

Entertainment section

Apps for entertainment, make-up, internet browsing or video calls? Here you will find all the apps to unwind.


Health comes first

Every day is a new beginning, a new chance to take a step towards what we planned. If health is a priority to you, the smart mirror will show daily how much is left until the objective is achieved. 
Your evolution history provides the whole picture you need in order to be motivated to reach the objectives.

Measure, analyze

The accessories that come with the smart mirror will help you get an objective image over your health condition. The weight registered by the smart scale will be automatically synced with the age and height and therefore you will know where you stand, compared to the reference values or the ones you’ve recorded in the past. 

The tester which measures the level of skin hydration is another useful accessory connected to the smart mirror. Pressed again the skin for 5 seconds – under eye, on the face or hands – the tester will record the hydration level and will display the results straight on the smart mirror. According to the registered values, you will get products recommendations to prepare yourself in order to reach the desired results.

*Accessories not included. They can be added on request. Contact our Customer service to enquire about prices.

A profile for each family member

Each family member can set its own profile and easily track the evolution history. Weight fluctuations can be monitored closely and immediate actions can be undertaken

You are your own make-up artist

Do you want to try out a new make-up style? The smart mirror displays 10 make-up options in real time, which you can test in matter of seconds. Choose the one that suits you!



Out of sight, out of mind

Don’t let distance get in the way of your relationships. Even if the dear ones are overseas, you can get in touch anytime with video calls through the dedicated apps. The smart mirror is equipped with an 8MP camera and keeps closer the images of those you love.

A good start of the day

Wondering how the weather is going to be like today in order to prepare a suitable outfit? Or maybe you want to kick start the day with your favorite tune? Whatever the morning routine, rest assured that you will have the music and news one touch away, while you are getting ready to face another day.

Your favorite apps (android), on the mirror

Download your favorite apps straight on the smart mirror in order to keep in reach all the tools you require for your daily activities. 

apps android